How We Ensure You Get The Most Money For Your Home


1) Market Overview and Consultation

We use strategies beyond the usual Comparative Market Analysis to ensure accurate pricing and market placement. We take a more thorough approach by taking into consideration factors such as interest rates, availability of financing, overall inventory and market demand trends for your segment of the market.


2) Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd

Setting yourself apart from your competition  by making your home show better or even just being different than the competition increases the perceived value of your home. "Standing out" is just about the most important step you can take when attracting the largest number of buyers. Professional photography, videography, optional aerial photography and staging recommendations are just a few ways in which we stand out from the typical real estate agent.


3) Massive Exposure

Expanding on the principle of standing out, massive exposure helps to ensure we present the differences that your home offers to the largest pool of qualified buyers in your market area. We ensure you are visible in all the major internet market places, we create a custom landing page for your property, utilize professional copy writing strategies that make buyers want to see your home, and we help generate interest through social media marketing campaigns, both paid and organic.


4) Social Media and Networking Strategies

The importance of social networking cannot be understated and we employ a strategy that leverages the greatest amount of agents to sell your home. Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Craigslist, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and the MLS are some of the places we target to maximize the exposure of your home. In addition, we know that a sizable percentage of homes are sold with the help of co-op agents. We ensure the top buyer agents in your community are notified directly helping inform buyers who are already looking in the area.