Michael's Corner - Community Spotlight - Tuscany
By www-michaelsmithteam-chime-me October 30, 2019

Michael’s Corner – Community Spotlight – Tuscany

Hello and welcome, Calgary! Today we find ourselves in the ever-popular community of Tuscany! Often referred to as a City inside of a City, this wonderful community is so chock-full of amenities that you almost never have to leave! And that is the absolute beauty of it! So, sit back and relax. We’re going to have some fun and break-down this absolutely amazing community and find out what is it that makes it so special.

Get Your Bearings

Tuscany is located in North-West Calgary, just outside of the ring road. It is bordered on the South by Nose Hill Drive and capped off on the North by Crowchild Trail. All it takes is one quick look at google maps to realize just how good of access this community has to most of the City.

Breaking Down the Numbers

For all of you number lovers out there (like myself), as of 2016, Tuscany has about 6,500 family residences. Of these, about 63% of those have children at home. So, it’s no big surprise that Tuscany is referred to as a very family-friendly community. It’s also been known as a fairly safe investment from a real estate point of view. As of 2019, the average selling price is $479,000. That’s almost 12% higher than we were in 2009 (which is a pretty decent return, especially given the state of our market right now). Also worth noting in this community, there’s only about 8% of the homes being rentals (which is quite low overall when compared to the rest of the City). So if that kind of thing is important to you, you’re going to want to take a close look at the area.

Family Activities

Ok, so now onto the fun stuff! Here at the Tuscany Club, we’ve got a couple of really cool features. Behind me in this blue space here, they are getting ready to do the outdoor skating oval. So this actually serves two functions, in the winter, it, of course, turns into a skating rink with that big center area behind me turning in a giant fire pit, which is just awesome. In the summer, it changes to a splash park with a giant fountain coming out of there. Behind that, we have the hockey arena (which I don’t think I need to explain what that’s going to be in the winter), however, in the summer it actually turns into a skate park, which is just awesome!

There is actually so much more that goes on here at the Resident’s Center than what we just saw outside (and we didn’t even touch on the tennis courts that were just re-surfaced). I’ve got a list here of some of the cool things they are doing in the area. So they do an open gym, badminton, tot playtime, chess nights, fitness and dance studios. They’ve got the skate park, the skating rinks, outdoor tennis courts, pickleball courts, summer splash park. There are banquet and meeting room rentals, which are very versatile and can be changed in size to meet your criteria. They do outdoor movie nights, clothing sales, home-business fairs, Halloween Spooktacular, and of course the Christmas Extravaganza. This place really is the heart of this community!


So now that we’ve talked about the fun things you can do at the Tuscany Club, let’s talk a little bit more about the necessities. And given that this is a very family-friendly community, let’s talk a little bit about schools. We’ve got 4 schools in the community: 2 elementary schools, a public junior high and a catholic school that serves from K-9. If you’re a little bit more into the private schools, we actually have great access to some of the private schools in Calgary and that access is only going to get better with the completion of the ring road.

Behind me is Twelve Mile Coulee School, the public junior high for the community. You may recognize this field because every summer they host a variety of events right in this very field. And although the area is loaded with activities, when school activities just aren’t enough, you’d be amiss not to check out the Soccer Centre at the South end of the community.

The Convenience Factor

Now, what about the other members of our family? And by that, I mean our furry four-legged friends! As someone with a very active pup myself, it is an important part of my decision that I have good access to an off-leash park. For those here in Tuscany, there is an amazing off-leash park right here in their own community (that many can walk to right out their front door).

There is also shopping galore in the area! Whether we’re talking about Tuscany Market, located very conveniently right in the center of Tuscany. Or we’re talking about one of the 3, soon to be 4, good options right nearby. There is Home Depot on the South end, Co-Op on the North end or just out to the East we’ve got Crowfoot Shopping Center which has a huge variety of food, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Everything you could ever want is right here in the area!

The Next Chapter

But what about when the kids have grown up and moved away? Is it time to sell and find a new area to call home? Well, maybe, but then again, maybe not! Tuscany has several options for those living the empty-nester lifestyle. From some of the more affordable condos to these luxury villas you see right here. These have some terrific layouts, great fit and finish packages and amazing views are the cherry on top! These are perfect for those that like to travel or have just gotten tired on lawn care or shoveling snow. Or are you looking for a bit more of that all-inclusive feel? Then you’ll want to check out the age-restricted complex called the Sierras of Tuscany. Here you’re going to find an indoor pool, car wash, fitness facility, workshop, guest suite, heated underground parking and units ranging from 570 all the way up to almost 1600 square feet with many backing on to green space or with mountain views.


So in conclusion, we have here not just a gorgeous community, but a community that has been designed from the ground up to be a hub for all ages. And when you move in here, you aren’t just moving into a new community, you’re buying into a way of life. Whether it is all the amenities, the quick easy access out to the mountains, you really do get it all here.

I hope you like this episode of Community Spotlight. Thank you so very much for watching! If you like this, please leave a like below, it really helps us out and be sure to leave a comment if you’ve got a suggestion on the next community we should tackle. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you next time!



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