Michael Smith              


Michael has been very active in real estate for the past 15 years, having begun his career in 2002 working for one of Calgary’s leading homebuilders. Throughout the years Michael has grown his clientele by making an effort to get to know and truly understand his clients and what they want. He has an uncanny ability to ask questions until he gets the answers he needs. He is very detailed minded and happy to work with people just as determined as he is. As a result, Michael has built a large and loyal following and has consistently been one of the area’s top performers. 

What drew you to Real Estate as a career?

Actually, it really wasn’t my plan to become a Realtor. I was offered a job with a new homebuilder, starting out as a sales associate. The hours were good and the pay even better so I took the job. Before long I realized I had a natural talent for this and the rest is history. I look forward to going work every day and am so grateful to be in this position!

What have you enjoyed most about your career in Real Estate?

It’s something I really love doing. I enjoy people and honestly want to do the best job I can for every single one of my clients. It’s fun for me! There is no way I can ever be bored in this business. The variety of homes and the different tastes and needs of my clients make every transaction unique. Real estate really doesn’t seem like work to me because I’m doing what really love.

What is it about being a Realtor that has been most rewarding for you?

It gives me such thrill when I can find my client the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price. The excitement that comes when the deal closes is worth everything! And I’m just as excited as they are, every time. That is my reward! 

What do you do in your off hours, assuming you have any?

Spending time with my friends, maybe go out for dinner, or to one of our homes for a night of playing board games (assuming my wife and I can secure a babysitter!). I’m pretty competitive so it often gets heated! I love movies and make a point of seeing all the blockbusters the first day they’re out. I’ve literally seen thousands of movies in my lifetime and some over and over. Learning is big with me too. I’m extremely curious so everything fascinates me.